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The third power of the letter U represents the concept of space and time of the UDIO brand.Logo of UDIO fashion, this picture is a registered trademark of UDIOfashion. Including graphics and name UDIO.


At UDIO Fashion we want to emphasize the artistic quality of fashion. We make art that you can really wear. Our goal is to create unique and humorous fashion that fits your body perfectly and provides a way to express your individuality. Bold, independent and self-confident! Your attitude in fashion


UDIO Fashion aspires to establish an environment-friendly fashion brand. We have started with upcycling jeans into beautiful design jackets. In the future we will expand this to the reuse of all kinds of clothing, sometimes combining it of course with new material. Most people wear a pair of jeans for about two years. They say goodbye to it just at the moment when the denim feels most comfortable. UDIO Fashion transforms these jeans into jackets. In this way we not only create beautiful and unique denim jackets that can be worn for at least six years or more, but at the same time make a contribution in sparing the environment.  A true win-win situation.

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“My humor is my armor.”

Yao Jianjun moved to the Netherlands in 2019, and his studio is at Haagweg 4, Leiden. In 2019, he founded an independent fashion and art brand called “UDIOfashion”.
I tries to achieve the same expressive power of costume design as painting, sculpture, architecture, and music, so that it will rise from a stylized fashion trend forecast to a real plastic art, and promote the development of this concept with practice, works and academic activities.


We start with artistic creation and then turn humor into clothing. Do you want to surprise your friends? Go and check out our shop.

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